Badminton Night!


Come along and invite your friends to MCCC’s first activity night of the year!

We’ll be kicking off at 6pm with 2 hours of badminton followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant after (around 8:30pm). Pickup time will be around 9:30pm.

What to bring:
– Badminton racket (we’ll try to bring some spares, but no guarantees)
– ~$20 for the courts + dinner
– Your mad badminton skills
– Friends (hopefully)

If you want to come, please hit “Going” on our Facebook event page and feel free to invite friends.

*** The event venue is subject to change depending on the availability of Monash’s courts. Updates will be posted on the Facebook event.


No YYA Bible study this Friday, It’s Baddy-MOLDI night!

Hi All!

Just a heads up to let you know that there’s no YYA Bible study this Friday at church (so don’t come to church). Instead, there’s badminton and MOLDI (Meaning Of Life Discussed Intelligently) dinner happening! It’s been announced already at the services and in the bulletin. If you want to come but still don’t know the details, contact one of the YYA committee members. Hope to see you and we look forward to having a great time of fellowship and outreach there!


YYA: 21st October, Friday Night

With last Friday beginning our last block of bible studies for the year, this Friday, we’ll finish studying 1 John. Come join us as we delve into God’s word and encourage one another in fellowship!

As usual, the Bible study notes are up and so are the rosters.


On the 11th of November, we’ll have our Activity and Sharing night which will wrap up the year’s Bible studies as we head into a period of Christmas Celebration Night preparation in the remaining Fridays of the year. For the Sharing night, we encourage you to share something from this year’s Bible studies! Here are a couple of questions to help prompt what you can share:

  1. Which bible passage do you like the best from bible study this year and why?
  2. How did you apply the things we’ve learnt to overcome a difficult situation this year?


Don’t forget to come to the AGM on Sunday, or hand in your proxy form by Friday!

YYA: Activity Night 15th July!

Hope you have been well this school holiday period! It was wonderful to celebrate the public testimony of 3 young believers today in baptism!

We’ll be continuing the break with no Friday night meeting until Activity night on the 15th July. While there’s a break during the school holidays, I’m sure you can find good fellowship, just ask around!

Come at 7pm on Friday 15th July, we’ll be having dinner and activity/sharing outside this time, so bring warm clothes!

Hope you all continue in edifying fellowship and loving Jesus!


No YYA for Friday 25th March, but there’s Good Friday Service at 10am! Also Activity Night after the break!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that there’s no YYA this week on the 25th March, we’ll be taking a break because it’s Good Friday! It’s Good because since the Righteous Jesus died for us unrighteous people, we who follow Jesus can be counted as righteous and live in eternal paradise with God! We can have assurance of this because God was pleased to raise Jesus from the dead on the third day -Easter Sunday. So come along and celebrate with us! We’ll have a Good Friday service at 10am on the 25th of March, and a Easter Sunday service during our normal Sunday service time of 10am 27th March!

YYA is also taking 2 weeks of term break after this, so we’ll come back on the 15th of April with an Activity Night (our new Sharing Nights which should be suited to inviting your friends to)! So start inviting your friends to come along to the Activity Night, where there’ll be fun and games!