Sharing & Review Night on Friday 11th November!

We finished the last of our Bible studies last Friday, and the high schoolers had a great time hanging out at Pancake Parlour afterwards!

This Friday we have a sharing and review night, so come prepared to share what you’ve learnt this year and how God has been working in your life! We had 2 prompt questions to help you think about what you want to share in a previous post. Here’s two more for you to consider (numbered 3 & 4):

  1. How did you apply the things we’ve learnt to overcome a difficult situation this year?
  2. Which Bible passage do you like the best from Bible study this year and why?
  3. Which Bible passage from our studies stood out to you and why?
  4. Which book did you like the most this year and why?

Please note, there will be dinner, so come at 7pm!

Hope to see you there!


YYA: 4th November, Friday Night

This Friday, we’re having the last Bible study of the year. Come join us as we delight in God’s word together!

Also, the high schoolers will be going on an outing after Bible study; please remember to tell your parents and RSVP with your Bible study leaders whether you’ll be picked up or want to be dropped off!


Next Friday the 11th November, we will be having a Sharing night – we encourage you to think about the studies this year, and a couple of the prompting questions from the previous post!

After that, we’ll be doing Christmas celebration night preparation up until the night on Saturday the 17th of December.



YYA: 21st October, Friday Night

With last Friday beginning our last block of bible studies for the year, this Friday, we’ll finish studying 1 John. Come join us as we delve into God’s word and encourage one another in fellowship!

As usual, the Bible study notes are up and so are the rosters.


On the 11th of November, we’ll have our Activity and Sharing night which will wrap up the year’s Bible studies as we head into a period of Christmas Celebration Night preparation in the remaining Fridays of the year. For the Sharing night, we encourage you to share something from this year’s Bible studies! Here are a couple of questions to help prompt what you can share:

  1. Which bible passage do you like the best from bible study this year and why?
  2. How did you apply the things we’ve learnt to overcome a difficult situation this year?


Don’t forget to come to the AGM on Sunday, or hand in your proxy form by Friday!

Trivia & Sharing Night on Friday!

We’re starting up our Friday nights again this week, and will be having a Trivia & Sharing Night!

When: 7:00 PM Friday 7th October 2016
Where: 29 Summerhill Road, Glen Iris 3146

Melbourne Chinese Christian Church will be hosting its much anticipated Trivia + Sharing Night! Join us, for a night of fun trivia, delicious dinner and chill out with friends at the end with some scrumptious dessert! Also, you will be able to witness a true Christian sharing their awesome journey to faith, and have time to ask them all about it afterwards! =)

This event is completely open and free. Doors open at 7:00pm for dinner, and we will end by 9:00pm with dessert. Don’t hesitate to invite friends, family or anyone who are interested in the Christian faith, because this is a great night to learn all about it! Feel free to invite them to the FB event and RSVP there as well! It’ll help us for catering purposes.

For more information, feel free to post a question on the FB event wall, ask a friend from MCCC or contact Samuel or Hanan.

See you all there!



If you want to prepare for the bible study on the Friday after Trivia night, the notes are uploaded on the web page, so do have a look!

YYA: 16th September, break & Activity Night 7/10

Hi everyone! Training day was great, with reinforcement of biblical doctrine, looking at what the bible says about leadership, and the church’s mission in discipleship. I hope you were all encouraged to seek discipleship and be active disciplers in fulfilling the Great Commission that we’re called to! =)

This Friday the 16th, we’re having another week of bible studies in 1 John chapter 3. Do read the bible study notes!

After that, YYA or Friday nights will be on break for 2 weeks. For those going to the Connect Training Conference on the 30th, have a good and intense time of edifying, training, bible study and fellowship!

We’ll come back on the 7th of October with an Activity Night! The Sunday after will be the anniversary service too. Stay tuned for more information!


YYA: Activity Night 15th July!

Hope you have been well this school holiday period! It was wonderful to celebrate the public testimony of 3 young believers today in baptism!

We’ll be continuing the break with no Friday night meeting until Activity night on the 15th July. While there’s a break during the school holidays, I’m sure you can find good fellowship, just ask around!

Come at 7pm on Friday 15th July, we’ll be having dinner and activity/sharing outside this time, so bring warm clothes!

Hope you all continue in edifying fellowship and loving Jesus!


YYA: 13th November, Friday Sharing Night!

Hi All!

We’ve finished our studies on the book of Revelation, and will have a sharing night this Friday to share what we’ve learnt and pray with one another. Do have a look over what we’ve done in the past year so you can share fruitfully. Come at 7pm for dinner this Friday!


After the sharing night, we will have Christmas Celebration Night preparation from 20th November to 18th December, and then the actual Christmas Celebration Night on the 19th December! We have flyers if you want to invite your friends, make sure to write their names on the back and pray for them! Just see Peter or Jenny if you want one.

See you on Friday!


YYA: 28th August, Friday Night

After our lovely sharing night last week full of song and prayer, tonight we’ll be decorating, setting up and doing a dress rehearsal of Coffee Night! Please come along and help even if you’re not performing, there’s still heaps of tasks and helpers behind the scenes that make these events possible! =)

If you still don’t know what Coffee Night is, it’s on this Saturday (tomorrow) night! There’s a Facebook event here. And you can download the flyer here: [PDF]. [PNG below:]

You know you want to come!


I’ll be posting about the Friday after (4/9)’s YYA meeting after Coffee Night, so stay tuned!

YYA: 14th August, Friday Night

Wow, it’s already the end of our 5-week long string of Bible studies! On the 14th we’ll have a Bible study on Revelation 15. Then we’ve got a sharing night on the 21st, Coffee Night preparation on the 28th, and we’ll be resuming Bible studies on the 4th of September!


Keep practising for Coffee Night (29th August), inviting your friends and fellowship-ing! =)



YYA: 7th August, Friday Night

It was great to fellowship and study God’s Word together yesterday night, and to see some people practising for Coffee Night! Remember, it’s this month, so invite your friends, prepare your presentations and do a test batch of your cooking so you won’t be panicking to plate something up just before the night like me last year =). Doors open at 7pm and the session starts at 7:30pm.

There’s also sharing night on the 21st of August with prayer, including prayer for Coffee Night, and on the 28th August we’ll have a night of preparation, before 29th August – the actual Coffee Night!


As usual the worksheet is up! See you All there as we learn and discuss the book of Revelation in the Bible and what it means for us!