About us

About MCCC

Melbourne Chinese Christian Church (Song En Tan Church) English Service has been declaring our faith in Jesus Christ in Glen Iris for over 35 years. Today, the church holds a services every Sunday morning and afternoon, as well as having a thriving Friday night youth ministry and a number of Bible study family cell groups.

Please click Sunday Service or Friday Night Youth and Young Adults to learn more about our services and bible studies. We would love for you to join us in fellowship and in deepening our relationship with Christ!

If you have any questions regarding our core beliefs or are interested in learning more about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please contact Elder Andrew Yuen on 0468 301 242

Vision Statement:

MCCC English Service exists to be a loving community distinctly marked by a life of Faith,
A passion to share Christ’s love and an enduring dependence on God’s Word.

The church holds to the Statement of Faith below.

Statement of Faith

The faith and standpoint of the Church is that the members believe in the Christian Truth as contained in the Holy Bible and this includes the following:-

1. We believe that the Bible is revealed by the true God and it is absolutely infallible. The teachings of the Bible are the highest authority in regard to our faith and life.

2. We believe in the Triune God of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe that since the fall of our first ancestor the whole universe was filled with sin. Because of this sin in the human nature, the human race met with the wrath and judgement of God.

4. We believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.

5. We believe that Jesus Christ was nailed unto death on the cross thus accomplishing our salvation.

6. We believe in the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

7. We believe that human beings must rely on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to enable them to confess and to repent their sins and to trust in Jesus Christ.

8. We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in and works in the believers.

9. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will come again.

English Service Committee

Melbourne Chinese Christian Church: English Service has elected a committee to organise the day-to-day dealings of the church and serve the congregation. The Chair of the committee is Deacon Jessica Wong and the committee consists of Elder Andrew Yuen, Elder Thomas Yuen, Lily You, Daniel Chan, Siew Moi Lau and Siew Mat Lau

If you have any questions or queries please contact Elder Andrew Yuen on 0468 301 242.

The committee exists to serve God in the following Core Values that the entire church holds.

Core Values (Song En Tang Church)

1. Glory to God

– Faithful to the Lord

– Steadfast to Christ’s Teaching

– Worship and Praise

– Living Testimonies

2. Edification of the Believers

– Teaching the Truth

– Discipleship Training

– Exposition of Gifts

– Leadership Preparation

3. To Love One Another

– Fellowship and Spiritual Care

– Unity and Co-operation

4. Spreading the Gospel

– Personal Evangelism

– Home Cell Groups

– Church Growth

– Evangelical Outposts