No YYA for Friday 25th March, but there’s Good Friday Service at 10am! Also Activity Night after the break!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that there’s no YYA this week on the 25th March, we’ll be taking a break because it’s Good Friday! It’s Good because since the Righteous Jesus died for us unrighteous people, we who follow Jesus can be counted as righteous and live in eternal paradise with God! We can have assurance of this because God was pleased to raise Jesus from the dead on the third day -Easter Sunday. So come along and celebrate with us! We’ll have a Good Friday service at 10am on the 25th of March, and a Easter Sunday service during our normal Sunday service time of 10am 27th March!

YYA is also taking 2 weeks of term break after this, so we’ll come back on the 15th of April with an Activity Night (our new Sharing Nights which should be suited to inviting your friends to)! So start inviting your friends to come along to the Activity Night, where there’ll be fun and games!


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