Regular YYA begins for 2018

The first Youth and Young Adults (YYA) night of 2018 will begin next Friday on the 2nd February at 8pm. Join us for a night of worship, bible study and fellowship!

For more information, there will be an induction session after our regular Sunday Service on the 28th January.

This year we will be studying the Gospel of John which focuses on the major miracles performed by Jesus and his glorification through crucifixion. If you think you’d be interested in this book of the Bible, please do feel free to join us on Friday nights at 8pm. Both Christians and non-Christians are more than welcome to join.

There will also be a new change this year where we will be hosting some sort of activity (badminton, kBBQ, bowling, etc) on every 3rd Friday of each month so feel free invite some friends and chill with us.



YYA 2 week break

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the recent Trivia night (what an amazing turnout!). It was nice to see people show their competitive side and also bond through sharing and prayer at the end!

YYA bible study and fellowship will be taking a 2 week break and returning on the 21st July. In the mean time, I hope you will all have a good rest and come back refreshed to learn more about the book of Isaiah!

Good Friday Easter Service

While we won’t have YYA on Friday night this week, we will be having a Good Friday service at 10am at Glen Iris. Come as we remember Jesus’ sacrifice in suffering and dying for us on the cross, and celebrate what it (and His resurrection) means for us!


Don’t forget our planned events after the service! There’s the VCE outing and SOYA Good Friday lunch mentioned in previous posts. It will be a great time of fellowship!


YYA on break for 2 weeks

It was great seeing so many people at badminton and discussing questions that were meaning-of-life deep and at times not so deep as well!

YYA Bible studies and fellowship is on break for 2 weeks with the school holidays and Easter weekend. There is an Easter service on Good Friday as well, so make sure to come!

Hope you continue having grace-filled conversations and God-filled devotions!

Sunday Service at Camp

Hi everyone!

We’ll all be at the English Service Camp this Sunday, so don’t come to our English Service Chapel at the Summerhill Road location!

Instead, feel free to join us at the campsite! The address is Lyrebird Park, 510 Beenak Road, Yellingbo, VIC. Please come at 9:30am. If you want more details, contact Arnold Ho on 0412 361 228. Hope to see you there!

For more details on the camp, please check the 2017 camp post below.


YYA: 21st October, Friday Night

With last Friday beginning our last block of bible studies for the year, this Friday, we’ll finish studying 1 John. Come join us as we delve into God’s word and encourage one another in fellowship!

As usual, the Bible study notes are up and so are the rosters.


On the 11th of November, we’ll have our Activity and Sharing night which will wrap up the year’s Bible studies as we head into a period of Christmas Celebration Night preparation in the remaining Fridays of the year. For the Sharing night, we encourage you to share something from this year’s Bible studies! Here are a couple of questions to help prompt what you can share:

  1. Which bible passage do you like the best from bible study this year and why?
  2. How did you apply the things we’ve learnt to overcome a difficult situation this year?


Don’t forget to come to the AGM on Sunday, or hand in your proxy form by Friday!

YYA: 26th August, Friday Night & Training Day!

Coffee Night and YYA Friday

I hope you all enjoyed Coffee Night! It was a wonderful night of musical performances, stories, presentations, and of course great food, coffee and conversation! It was fantastic to see so many people come!

This Friday, we’ll be going back to regular bible studies and we’ll start studying the 1st epistle of John. Study notes are already uploaded, hope to see you there!

Training Day

In addition, we will be having a Training Day on Saturday 10 September (Kew and Glen Iris combined). This will be open to all members from both MCCC Kew and Glen Iris.

The training day focus will be on Discipleship, Leadership and Doctrines. If there is a particular topic you would like included in the training day or if you have any queries, please see Elder Andrew. Please register with Daniel (Glen Iris) or Wilkins (Kew) by Saturday 3, September! Hope to see you there also!


YYA: 22nd July, Friday Night

After an activity with a nice “soup kitchen” and great prayer for the suffering, persecuted, and displaced, we are continuing with our regular bible studies for the next few weeks, starting this Friday on the 22nd July.

The worksheets/Bible study notes have been uploaded. You may have noticed a change in the website’s layout including menu item name changes, but they’re still under the Bible Study Notes menu item.

Stay warm in fellowship with God and each other!


No YYA for Friday 25th March, but there’s Good Friday Service at 10am! Also Activity Night after the break!

Hi everyone!

Just a reminder that there’s no YYA this week on the 25th March, we’ll be taking a break because it’s Good Friday! It’s Good because since the Righteous Jesus died for us unrighteous people, we who follow Jesus can be counted as righteous and live in eternal paradise with God! We can have assurance of this because God was pleased to raise Jesus from the dead on the third day -Easter Sunday. So come along and celebrate with us! We’ll have a Good Friday service at 10am on the 25th of March, and a Easter Sunday service during our normal Sunday service time of 10am 27th March!

YYA is also taking 2 weeks of term break after this, so we’ll come back on the 15th of April with an Activity Night (our new Sharing Nights which should be suited to inviting your friends to)! So start inviting your friends to come along to the Activity Night, where there’ll be fun and games!


YYA: 5th February, Friday Night

Hi everyone!

Don’t forget about the update session tomorrow (Sunday 31st 12-12:45pm at MCCC ES Glen Iris), where the church will be announcing what we will be doing in 2016!

Friday night bible studies start up this week on 5th February, with a new Cantonese group joining us!

Come and join us for a good time of fellowship as we look at an introduction to the book of James.

As usual, the worksheet is up as are the rosters. Hope you come and delight in God’s word with us!