Regular YYA starts up for 2016

There is an update for what’s happening in 2016, on Sunday 31st January (12pm – 12:45pm):

Come join us for a short meeting after service to have a sneak peek into what we’ll be learning in the New Year and the teaching updates across, Sundays, Friday Nights and Cell groups!

We especially welcome any of our teenagers and their parents from Grade 6 to Year 12 to attend as there will be important updates for this group specifically on the day.

It’ll be a great afternoon with guest speakers and exciting updates to announce for 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Remember the YYA Boys and Girls night out event on the 29th January this Friday!

The Friday after, we will start our regular YYA meetings on the 5th of February.

Also, payment for the YYA Uni Retreat closes on the 7th of February, online registration and further information in the FB event.

In other news, the English service at Kew is now at 1pm. May God continue to grow that service!