6th March – YYA Friday Night

We just celebrated our 29th anniversary for the MCCC English Service today, with yummy food and cake! =P Great fellowship was had. =)

It’s already been 3 weeks into Youth and Young Adults (YYA) this year! We’ve learnt about the context of Revelation, and been encouraged to always remember our first love and have love for God and others as our motivator in everything, as well as to persevere in following Jesus, no matter what sufferings and persecutions in this life we meet, as we have an eternal, imperishable reward in heaven – eternal perfect and good fellowship with God!

We also played a fun pulse game in which each person emulated a neuron haha (thanks Andy!) Can’t wait for sharing night on the 20th March where we play more games, have fellowship and pray with one another!

As usual, the roster and worksheets are on their respective pages from the main menu up top. =) Hope to see you all on Friday!!