July Updates

Hi y’all! Time sure flies and we’ve already reached mid 2012. God has been good and has truly been among this ministry throughout the first half of the year by providing us many opportunities to host events which introduce the gospel, and I trust that He’ll continue His good work for the rest of the year – so stay tuned for more events to come!

** 1. Trivia Night thankyous

Thank you to all those who came along to Trivia Night! A big congratulations to ‘The Punny Team’ who won the gold medals for the night, coming first in categories such as history, science and Bible trivia. Thank you also to those who organised the event and made it possible. If you would like to be challenged further and delve into God’s word and biblical issues, remember to come along to our Youth and Young Adults Bible Study on Friday nights.

** 2. Winter Freeze thankyous

A massive thank you to all those who got involved in our 2-day youth holiday program, Winter Freeze, which concluded last Friday. Throughout the two days, we explored the core Christian beliefs on becoming a Christian in an interactive way through the evangelism tract ‘Four Spiritual Laws’, and worked through fundamentals of Christian living such as prayer, reading the Bible, and being in the world but not of the world. Praise God for the great turnout of the youth who participated and the faithfulness of those who were so willing to help out!

** 3. Youth and Young Adults Bible Study

Youth and Young Adults Bible Study recommences on Friday July 20th, where we will be finishing off 1 Thessalonians and starting 2 Thessalonians in this new semester. This book of the Bible continues to clarify the events surrounding the second coming of Jesus, and also emphasises the power of prayer and the mightiness of God. Be sure to come along to read God’s word and fellowship together this semester!

** 4. Coffee Night

Each year, MCCC hosts Coffee Night where church members have the opportunity to present musical items to praise God and to share how God has impacted their lives. Love a relaxed night of fellowship and hot beverages, or have a creative bone and want to praise God by presenting an item? Stay tuned! Coffee Night 2012 – coming soon!

That’s all for now – keep on checking back for updates!

All glory be to God!