YYA: 16th October, Friday Night

It was great to see so many people at the bowling event where we had fun, fellowship, games and a bit of a workout! =P Also great to see people back at bible study, and a new game to play (curling!) for the youth, one which perhaps could be improved to be very fun like in VS Arashi or Wii sports hehe.

Next week we’ll be studying a chapter with a bit of debate, and while keeping in mind to focus on the big picture and main points, it can be beneficial to study the different points of views on the exact workings and details. With the worksheet this week, there are a few infosheets, which you should definitely read before the study on Friday!


There’s also an English Service committee’s ministry update this Sunday after the regular service, which will outline the direction the service will be taking after taking into account the feedback from the last ministry workshop session. Do come! You can also pray for their meeting happening this Saturday (today).


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