YYA is on break for 3 weeks! =o

That’s right, we’re on break for 3 whole weeks! We’ll come back on the 24th April. In the meantime, we’ll be having English Service camp (woo!!), term break holiday, and a wedding for a brother and sister! =) Also, if we have any special events during this break, we’ll make sure to notify you through this website and other means, so keep checking this website!

We’ll be leaving for the camp (lunch is provided at 1pm at the campsite) straight after the Good Friday service which starts at 10am. Please join us for the Good Friday service, and camp if you can! (Contact Anna or Jennifer directly ASAP for camp rego.)

The roster for Friday Nights Youth and Young Adults April-June is up, check it out! I’ll also post a reminder before we come back after 3 weeks, with the night’s roster in the post, and the worksheet uploaded too. Have a great break, and may God continue to bless your spiritual walk with Him!

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