Sharing Night #5 – EPIC Wrap Up and Sharing Night




As the year draws to an end, we quickly find ourselves finishing off studying the New Testament epistles of 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. In order to help each other remember all the great teachings that we have learnt this year, the Youth and Young Adults Committee have prepared a very fun and special evening for you! Come along to our final formal Friday Night Youth & Young Adults Program for the year, where we will have dinner and a special activity relating to our Bible studies.

Date: Friday 8th November

Venue: MCCC (29 Summerhill Road, Glen Iris)

Time: 7.00pm (dinner) – 9.30pm

What to bring: Your parents! – seriously, we would loved them to have dinner with us and stay for the evening!

There will also be an opportunity to give a short sharing at the end of the night as a group – maybe something you’ve learnt from our studies this year, something you want to thank God for, or even somebody you’d like to show your appreciation to!

This night is for everyone – the young and the old(er), so please do come along! 🙂 We are mindful that this is over the exam period, but the fellowship and sheer epicness of the night is guaranteed to help you de-stress.

So, mark it in your diaries, and see you then!

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