Exam break & Christmas preparation

What an amazing year it has been reading and studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians this year! Tis a bit sad, but that concludes the Bible study component for 2012. Thank you all for your attendance, your enthusiasm, the great discussions during Bible study, and your service to God throughout the year – all glory be to God!

Youth and Young Adults Friday Night program will be on hiatus for two weeks on 2/11 and 9/11 to give y’all some time to study for your exams, catch up with work, or to simply take a breather. Enjoy the break! 😀

We will resume our meeting on 16/11 where we will start our preparations for the Christmas service (Saturday, December 15). There are many, many opportunities in which you can help out and we’d love to have you on board. More updates to come closer to the date 🙂

Stay tuned and have a lovely break!

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