May updates.

Hi y’all! ūüėÄ As the weather is getting cooler, put some warmth back into your life¬†and drop by¬†at MCCC ūüėČ Some announcements for May:

** 1. Easter Services & Picnic thankyous

To those who came to the Good Friday service and the¬†Easter Sunday service & picnic, we hope you had a great time commemorating Jesus’ death and resurrection with our church.¬†A huge thanks especially¬†to those who helped organise the picnic, it wouldn’t have been possible without all your hard work. It was¬†very encouraging¬†being able to hear both old timers and new comers share about their faith – praise God!

** 2. Youth and Young Adults Bible Study back up and running!

Come join us for our Youth and Young Adults (YYA) Bible Study nights which happen every Friday from 8-10pm! Well, most Fridays, unless we’re on exam/holiday break (which you will be notified about on this space – keep on checking¬†back¬†for updates!)

Does this all sound a bit foreign and daunting? Here’s a¬†bit of a¬†run down on what you can expect¬†on a typical night at¬†YYA:

– Introducing:¬†The typical YYA Bible Study Night –

8.00: /Singspiration/: The act of singing worship songs as a group to praise God

8.20: /Announcements/: General admin stuff, including a short summary of the Bible passage

8.30: /Bible Study/: we break off into small groups (by year level) which is an open¬†often¬†forum for¬†questions and¬†discussions on the Bible passage.¬†At the moment we’re¬†looking at¬†a book¬†called 1 Thessalonians¬†from the New Testament, which has many¬†practical¬†lessons about¬†what a model church looks like, how we can encourage one another,¬†and the second coming of Jesus.

9.20: /Games/: Usually involves team-building activities such as Pictionary, action charades, and other unique games thought up by our creative team leaders.

9:50: /Supper & hang out/: Delish food, Chinese tea, and if you’re not in a rush to go home, stay back for some quality conversations or to simply unwind from the long week!

… so we hope that gives you a snapshot of what YYA looks like! Whether you’ve been a Christian for 10 years or just wondering whether there is a God, I invite you to join¬†us¬†for our Friday night program to learn more from the living word of God. Got more questions? Drop us a comment in the box below!

** 3. Prayer and Share Night

Once in every few months, we have something called Prayer and Share Night which is… exactly as the name suggests!¬†So instead of Bible Study, we share with each other about what God has been doing in our lives, praise points, for upcoming exams, difficulties in life,¬†and pretty much¬†anything you’re happy to share about. Prayer is essentially talking to God, so this is a great reminder to thank God and communicate with Him in everything we do. Our upcoming Prayer & Share Night is on Friday May 18th at 8pm.

Hope to see you all there!

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